The ULTRABIND™ 2 integrates milling, notching, double-fan gluing, notch filling and back lining all in one automatic self-adjusting in-line machine.

The ULTRABIND™ 2 has numerous safety features to meet the more stringent domestic and international safety requirements, such as safety light curtains, electrically interlocked hoods and a fully paneled machine prevents the operator from reaching into any of the machine’s moving parts and assures safety.

The ULTRABIND™2 will increase the quality of your product, especially when used with Mekatronics’ ULTRAFLEX™, a specially formulated PVA adhesive with proven performance.

The machine increases productivity for binders that must process one-off and ultra-short runs such as those encountered in hardcover On-Demand book manufacturing.

Essential supplies for the ULTRABIND™2

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