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The growing need for in-house repairs such as replacing endpapers, hinge tightening, recasing, cloth rebacking, map insertion and other mass book treatments, demand increased productivity from the tools and equipment currently used by libraries.

Mekatronics’ EZ-PRESS™ facilitates the treatment of circulating 19th and 20th century materials with 21st century technology that will increase throughput in conservation labs.

Made of steel and aluminum, the EZ-PRESS™ consists of a platen, suspended by constant force springs, counterbalanced to “float” in midair, so that a few ounces of force will move it in either direction. When pushed in contact with a book to be pressed, the platen is locked to the posts. Depending on the desired pressing force, two to four effortless quarter-turns of a ratchet wrench can produce a pressing force of up to 1500 lbs.