We at Mekatronics are specialists. We identify, invent, and refine equipment for use by on-demand binders, short-run edition binders and library binders. We distribute a range of companion supplies of optimum quality. Throughout the development of the modern on-demand and library binding industries, Mekatronics has been the uncommon supplier.

What is the thread that binds Mekatronics and its customers? We are, by nature, problem solvers with imagination. We work together with people in binderies, from technical staff to senior management, to study needs and arrive at the most appropriate combination of equipment and know-how to solve problems and improve operations. We care about the outcome. This is the Mekatronics’ attitude–our uncommon dedication to product quality, customer service, and technical assistance. We build relationships…not just machines.

Technology has changed, and will continue to change the binding industry. This fact is inevitable. Our response to these changes is within our control and how we respond will determine our future.

OUR GOAL is to enable today’s bookbinder to utilize new technology in a way in which his profit-making capabilities are enhanced. This is accomplished by a reduction of operating costs and an assured return of capital investment.

OUR METHOD is to utilize our resources in order to provide you with a flexible binding system. It can be as small as a simple machine or as large as a completely integrated system. Our systems concept is based on a modular approach that can be incrementally implemented.

THE RESULT is not only will you have a system with superior technology highly resistant to obsolescence and backed by supplier, but you will also have the means to expand your services to a wider range of customers. Your potential market area will be expanded well beyond your existing customer base.

DEPENDABILITY, QUALITY AND EXCELLENCE are the standards by which we have become a major supplier to the binding industry.

We are still taking giant strides forward. We continue with each stride to lift the technology to even greater heights crossing more frontiers than ever before in the library, short-run edition and demand binding industries. We attribute this to the fact that our basic philosophy is the same today as it was back in the 1950’s.

And this philosophy is very simple … always deliver the best! Whether the product is from our line of machinery or from our line of materials and supplies, it’s the very best available for the intended application.

We deliver the best because we are constantly improving upon the quality and performance standards of all of our products and because we devote significant research time and effort to solving binder’s problems. The solution to a problem may require the development of a brand new machine or perhaps the re-design and modification of existing equipment. Our involvement and experience with binding extends from the smallest to the largest binderies. Our system concept is based on a modular approach and is available to both large and small binderies.

No matter how complete a bindery looks today, it will inevitably have to change as products change in the future. Your future success, therefore, depends on how well your system supplier understands growth.

Every machine we produce can be integrated into another of our manufacturing systems. A variety of materials handling devices can link these modules. We have invested heavily in the mechanical control and software interfaces such as the interface between ABLE™ and the EZ-CUT™ that make this approach practical, reliable and cost-effective.

To protect your investment in a system, we devote substantial resources and make a long-term commitment to you and to the concept of an Integrated Flexible Bindery. Ours is a commitment of purpose and indicates our beliefs in the binding industry as a viable part of the business world and reinforces our concern for its livelihood and survival.

So, whether you are considering an automated bindery or a machine installation, your direction must be toward Flexible Binding Systems. Investigate our products. Our standard is excellence – and that’s not flexible.