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Since its introduction in 1961, the VERSAMATIC™ has proven to be a great technological success. The quality of the end product has surpassed all expectations and the machine has become a tremendous productivity booster for all of its users.

We take pleasure in introducing the redesigned all-pneumatic VERSAMATIC™. The machine increases productivity for binders that must process one-off and ultra-short runs such as those encountered in the hardcover On-Demand book manufacturing.

The VERSAMATIC™ is a single-operator, self-adjusting semi-automatic machine for casing-in different sizes, thickness and types of paper with no make-ready or set-up time handling bulk sizes up to 4-1/8″. It is capable of producing upwards of 400 book blocks per hour for increased productivity over conventional methods. Output can be linked to the Mekatronics’ CENTURION™ Building-In machine for a fully automatic operation.

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