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Unlike edition binding equipment where hot animal glues are used for the assembly of the case, library binders use cold emulsion PVA adhesives for their automatic and manual case-making equipment to enhance joint adhesion when the book block and cover are being united.

The introduction of Mekatronics’ MEK-A-CASE™ led to a search for a suitable adhesive that would possess the proper open time and tack characteristics that would optimize the throughput of the machine. After extensive research and testing, National Starch and Chemical Company, a division of ICI Ltd., formulated HYTAK™-555. This adhesive, with an aggressive tack and proper open time characteristics, enables users of the MEK-A-CASE™ to boost productivity by reducing the dwell time of the turning-in operations. HYTAK™-555 is also suitable for use on other automatic case-making machines as well as for manual case making.

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Understanding the Use of Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) Adhesives in Bookbinding