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The only semi-automatic machine of its kind that is fully self-adjusting. Applies headbands simultaneously to the head and tail of book blocks of different sizes and thickness with no make-ready or set-up.

The machine increases productivity for binders that must process one-offs and multiple copies in short runs such as those encountered in hardcover On-Demand book manufacturing.

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controls the machine with diagnostics for ease of troubleshooting.

The book block with its spine facing towards the headband applicators is placed on the table. As it is slid inward against a fixed left-side register, it lifts a spine thickness-sensing gauge pulling the correct amount of headband material, lined with a double-sided adhesive tape, to match the spine. It also causes the right-side gauge with its headband applicator to move automatically and be stopped by the book block to form a guide to guarantee that the book block is pushed into the machine straight. The operator continues to slide and push the book block against pressing pads that trigger the cutting of the headband material and adhere it to the spine.