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Cover lettering … the all-important finishing touch to the bound book block … the visible end by which your customer will judge your product. Only by choosing the very best equipment that can produce the highest quality, can you get the most out of your investment. That’s what the GEM™ is all about.

The GEM™ is the successor to the RB-7/11 and its predecessor the RB-7/8 that in 1975 pioneered the first computerized cover-lettering system for the library binding industry.

The GEM™ is able to strike each engraved type piece individually with sufficient force to penetrate standard cover materials. It can emboss on finished covers and also on the front and back cover of finished bookblocks making it ideal for personalization and ad specialty items. It is the superior quality of the finished product that makes the GEM™ the system of choice by binders in North America, UK, Germany, Sweden, Japan and Australia.