Think your bindery employees aren’t likely to get injured on the job? Think again! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the most prevalent injury and is the number one Occupational Illness, termed the “Technological Disease of the 90’s” as it has reached epidemic proportions.

Being cognizant of such potential workplace injuries and the need to reduce them, Mekatronics is pleased to introduce the AUTO 4-STEP, an affordable, single-operator productivity boosting machine built for accurate turning-in of heavy materials such as buckram and leather.

The cover is slid into the machine until the boards come to stops set so that the cover material can slide underneath them and up against a roller. Pressing a foot switch, pressure pads prevent the boards from moving and from then on the turning-in process is fully automatic. This operation is repeated for the number of sides to be turned-in. With a capability of processing cover sizes up to 42 inches makes this machine ideal for photobooks.