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"Jack Bendror: First prize award winner Applied Hydraulics, October 1957"
  "Adhesive Bindings…Unconditionally Guaranteed." January 1986
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  "Understanding the Use of Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) Adhesives in Bookbinding"
  "WHY NOTCH?" May 5, 1994
  "Rounding and Backing ... Function Determines Structure" April, 1988
Why Rounding and Backing improves the quality of hardcover bindings? December 2011
  "Glossary of Binding Terms"
  Note: Articles from the "The New Library Scene" have been reprinted with permission from the Library Binding Institute, 300 East Lake St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601. URL: www.lbibinders.org
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  ABLE (Advanced Bindery Library Exchange) Software
  Mekatronics & Acme Bookbinding
Mekatronics is recognized as the worlds' leader in the
technical development of self-adjusting bookbinding machinery
for library, short-run edition and demand binding.
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