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The World Leader in On-Demand Bookbinding Machinery

single source for short run, hardcover ON-DEMAND binding machinery: with self-adjusting, zero make-ready equipment.

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BMI November 2014 Annual Conference



A UNIQUE zero make-ready,

Double-Fan Adhesive Binder

"Cut your staff, bind ANY SIZE book, improve quality and profit-a dream realized."


The ULTRABIND 2 is the world's only zero-make-ready Double-Fan Adhesive Binder for book blocks to be case bound. This amazing machine, will bind books from 3-1/2" thick to as thin as a single page, from 16" tall to 4" short, from 3" narrow to 15" wide, one after another in random sequence, fully automated. One operator feeds books into the loading station and another catches and stacks finished books on this 6 station, in-line machine. You have to see it to believe it. Virtually no operator training is needed to run this robotic marvel.

While other machines can bind a book, the ULTRABINDT 2 is the ONLY machine in the world that is truly zero make-ready and the ONLY machine that can bind challenging books with heavy coated paper, mixed stock, random size, and tumble-tested strength  [more]


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SPEED-NIP Book Compressor Enhanced for

Photo Book Manufacturing




The SPEED-NIP™ speeds up the process of compressing or "smashing" the swell in the folded signatures of sewn book blocks or the glue buildup in adhesive bound book blocks to yield a flat and square binding edge.


Since its introduction over half a century ago, hundreds are in successful operation in binderies worldwide. It has now been enhanced for use in the photo book manufacturing market where it is resonating well and where folded photo prints must be fully compressed for proper processing by the automatic photo book binding machines.

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An improved



protein glue application, suction positioning,

electric edge folding and rolling pressing

All in one machine   



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A productiity-boosting topside gluer with an automatic glue fill system consisting of a re-circulating pump, a glue storage drum and an electrical control box.



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A productivity-boosting machine that integrates sheet feeding with a topside gluer. Useful in manual case making to automatically feed uniform or intermixed sizes of cover material, or as an accessory to any semi-automatic case making machine in which the gluing of the cover materialis done manually. Also usefulin many other industries in which materials are manually fed into sheet coating machines.

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A complete line of affordable, easy to use tab, separator and tab index cutters that improve the legibility and the presentation of all files and documents.

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Handheld pneumatic thumb index cutting gun ... a tool that enables you to expand your profitability by capturing a segment of a specialized market.



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Think your bindery employees aren't likely to get injured on the job? Think again! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the most prevalent injury and is the number one Occupational Illness, termed the "Technological Disease of the 90's" as it has reached epidemic proportions.

Being cognizant of such potential workplace injuries and the need to reduce them, Mekatronics is pleased to introduce the AUTO 4-STEP . an affordable, single-operator productivity boosting machine built for accurate turning-in of heavy materials such as buckram and leather.

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Remanufactured machines should not be confused with rebuilt or reconditioned machines.   Remanufacturing not only involves bringing the unit back to original specifications, but also involves updating and modifying the machine to make it equal to a similar unit manufactured today.  The result is a like-new machine carrying our standard one-year new-machine warranty.

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Upgraded Products
  Progress never stands still ... and at Mekatronics we are always ready to embrace the latest technological advances that will make our equipment safer, more versatile and reliable.



"The Best Rounder & Backer Ever Made" is even better!With hundreds in operation worldwide since 1963 it has become the industry standard for producing high quality rounded and backed book blocks.  The machine has undergone numerous design changes.  Now ... "The Best Rounder & Backer Ever Made" is even better!


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The industry standard producing a high-quality product since its introduction in 1960. This "workhorse" has undergone numerous design enhancements that boost productivity making it safer, more versatile and reliable.


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Unlike its predecessor that has become the industry standard since its introduction in 1961, this machine has been redesigned to become truly self-adjusting. The quality of the end product has surpassed all expectations and the machine has become a tremendous productivity booster for all of its users.



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We've Been Published!

  On Becoming a "Bar Mitzvah". Presentation at the  Hardcover Binding Seminar at the HBI/LBI 2007 Fall Conference.
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Mekatronics is recognized as the worlds' leader in the
technical development of self-adjusting bookbinding machinery
for library, short-run edition and demand binding.
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